Environmental Stewardship Award Nomination

This Nomination form is designed to give you the opportunity to nominate outstanding environmental leaders. Honorees will receive recognition at the Michigan Week Community Awards Breakfast on May 19, 2017. Nominations must conform to the GUIDELINES, the criteria in the award DESCRIPTION below and provide the information requested in the FORM BELOW.

Description: The Environmental Stewardship Award salutes local caretakers of our planet’s natural resources. The recipient(s) of this award routinely engage in exceptional education outreach and/or initiatives that protect the environment. Leaders in environmental stewardship are passionate about conservation and guardianship of our land, air, and water resources.

This is a competitive recognition and at least two awards will be granted in this category. Recognition is based on voluntary or professional work. However, the bar is set higher for nominees that engage in environmental stewardship as a business/mission.